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PussyCredit : Everyone’s Pre-Approved.

PussyCredit is an Auto-Staking token, designed and envisioned by @1GoonRich (Crypto Messiah).


NOTE: The old $PUSSC Contract has been discontinued. If you were holding $PUSSC, you have already been airdropped onto $PUSSC v2! $PUSSC v2 has a lower, deflationary supply of tokens – don’t be alarmed to see less tokens than you had on v1 – The overall supply has been reduced, but the value per token has been increased!

New Contract: 0xA9d945559f6E799c3A4f4aa08DB9674f54DB3E80


10%+ Slippage Required!

PussyCredit Rollout

– Website Launched

– Telegram Launched

– Token Launched

– Contract Renounced

– Full Community Ownership

– 1,000 Holders

– Release of NFTs (Rarible/OpenSea)

– Applications to CG/CMC

– 5,000 Holders

– New NFT Development

– Applications for CEX Listing

– 10,000 Holders

PussyCredit will remain fully owned by the Community after Phase One, with FLC assisting on CG/CMC, CEX Listings where requested, and New NFT Development/Releases as phases progress. Beyond this, the community will dictate the direction and spread of PussyCredit.

Stake your place as a Community Leader – create content, and spread the token! The future is in the hands of the holder!